YESforLOV Intimate Fragrance-Free Wipe

YESforLOV Intimate Fragrance-Free Wipe

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Individuelle Pflegetücher ohne Parfüm und Abspülen, weich, groß und dick.

Ideal für dein spontanes Leben ;-)

Macht weich und erhält durch die Milchsäure da Gleichgewicht im Intimbereich. Schützt die Vaginal Flora mit Hilfe der Milchsäurebakterien vor einer mikrobiellen Vermehrung.  Der exklusive LOVcare®-Komplex:

1. Lindert erhitzte Intimzonen.

2. Verleiht Weichheit und Geschmeidigkeit.

3. Regeneriert die Schleimhäute.

  • hautfreundliche Formel

  • gynäkologisch getestet

  • hypoallergen

  • ohne Paraben

  • ohne Allergen

  • ohne Mineralöl

  • ohne Silikon

They cleanse and soothe. Fragrance-free so you keep your own scent.

(A shadow of doubt?... Gently wipe it away and say “yes” naturally).

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The YESforLOV intimate fragrance-free wipes cleanse with infinite softness. Hypoallergenic, soap-free and alcohol-free they maintain the balance of your precious intimate area while the soothing active ingredients of our exclusive complex calm burning sensations, regenerate intimate areas and protect you from vaginal odours.

Presented in individual packets, fragrance-free and without the need to rinse, they are the must-have accessory for an active love life.


The perfect accessory for an active love lifeNo rinsing required. Practical, clever, large and discrete, the YESforLOV intimate wipes will go everywhere your impulses take you. Our wipes are also compatible with silicon toys and can be used for the gentle cleaning of your menstrual cups, geisha balls or sex toys.

The exclusive YESforLOV complexYour intimate areas are some of the most precious and delicate on your body. The exclusive YESforLOV complex has been specially developed to soothe burning sensations after intimate relations, actively contribute to their natural regeneration and provide lasting comfort.


YESforLOV Intimate wipes have been tested by gynaecologists. Hypoallergenic *

It has a physiological pH.

Suitable for all types of mucus membranes and skin types, even the most delicate.

Cosmetovigilance: No undesirable effects have been reported to date.

  • Formulated to minimise allergic reactions.


According to a study by IDEA on the cosmetic acceptability of the YESforLOV intimate wipes:

  • The YESforLOV intimate wipe gently cleans the intimate areas: 100% of volunteers agreed.

  • The YESforLOV intimate wipe effectively protects against vaginal odours: 81% of volunteers agreed.

  • The YESforLOV intimate wipe provides an immediate feeling of freshness: 100% of volunteers agreed.

  • The YESforLOV intimate wipe calms burning sensations and irritations: 83% of volunteers agreed.

  • Study of 20 female volunteers.

Made in France.

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