Interview about Sugaring with the Founder of Beautyavenue in Copenhagen

Interview about Sugaring

with the Founder of Beautyavenue in Copenhagen, Nisreen Stella Kanaan

Wir haben uns im November 2017 in London an der Formula Botanica Conference kennen gelernt und unsere Begeisterung war gross, als wir unsere gemeinsame süsse Leidenschaft erkannten.

Marianne: How did you get into sugaring?

Stella: Well I have know sugaring since I was a l child. My family originate from Palestine and Syria, and there it is an old tradition that women their hairs with sugaring. I grew remembering how lovely and cosy the hair removal days used to be, because I could smell it when I came home from school. My grandmother used to make small little lollipops for us to eat from the same sugar, so I love it.

My grandmother was and expert in making the sugar paste and I have learned to make it from her. Although, I hated the process as I was never as good and consistent at making it myself like her. And if anybody has atempetd to make it themselves they know what I am talking about!

Marianne: What do you love about sugaring?

Stella: Firstly I love that sugaring is 100% natural product, you can eat it and it tastes good. Your skin just feels amazing after a sugaring treatment, nothing else can compare to it. Sugaring removed even smaller hairs from the roots, and when I am sugaring I hardly ever need to use a tweezer. When you are good at sugaring, the hairs have much less tendency to break compared to waxing. It's great. I have been doing hair removal all my life and professionally for the pat 17 years. I have travelled to so many countries and been to so many beauty exhibitions and tested so many hair removal types, and still SUGAR IS KING!

Nothing beats sugar, it's simple!

Marianne: Why is sugaring still not known & used by everybody?

Stella: The thing is, in western countries, sugaring as a professional beauty treatment is quite a new treatment. Waxing has been the dominant treatment most schools teach all beauty therapists and when they out from school it is rare that they will further educate themselves.

Unfortunately, many beauty therapists do not invest in more education, so unless they work for a clinic / beauty salon, that sends to learn something new, then would not do it themselves. It is a pity, life is a continuous learning, and the moment your stop learning you stagnate.

Another reason for many that are not offering Sugaring, is because is a handcraft. It requires your determination and self dicipline. You have to spend time training and practicing in order learn and become good at sugaring. Many salon owners also do not want to keep investing in training new people when somebody stops, as it take some months before you can become really good at sugaring. But when you do, you will love your handcraft and you will be so proud that you are one of the few stubborn and determined beauty therapists that can do sugaring.

Another reason not people are doing it, because they are lazy and many therapists want the easy solution for themselves and not what is best for the clients.

Marianne: What do u recommend home users and beginners?

Stella: For home users I say find a professional it is much easier.

For sugaring beginners, go for it, do not give up! Be persistent, you will do it and you will be so proud of yourself when you can. Have your teacher correct you from time to time, because you might be doing it wrong.

My promise to you (if you are a nice, kind and a professional therapist) is that once you have learned and mastered sugaring, you will ALWAYS have clients and have your calendar booked. You will have a good business. Once your clients have tried sugaring, they will never go back to anything else.

ૐ Warm regards Nisreen Stella Kanaan